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"Johari The Great"


"Inspiring messages of confidence-building and positivity, with a lively, relatable kid at the center."
-Kirkus Reviews

Children's Author

Naomi V. Dunsen-White

"In this chapter book featuring Black characters, the author delivers clear messages about the value of validation and support from caregivers and teachers like Johari’s, who encourage students to explore

self-expression and creative thinking.


Dunsen-White crafts Johari’s “greatest adventure story ever” as a tale-within-a-tale, deftly illustrating how the fifth-grader uses his imagination to come up with ideas and put them all together. Throughout, Johari’s sense of accomplishment, affirmed by his caring parents (his dad’s daily send-off: “Make this your best day yet, Little Man.…learn something new and do something great!”) comes through naturally, page after page.

-Kirkus Reviews

Meet Johari


Johari - Johari the Great.jpg

Hi! I'm the real Johari.
I was about 9 years old when my Nai Nai got the idea to write a story for me. Now, it's a great book and I love it!
I sure hope you enjoy it!


Johari wave (2).jpg

Hi! I'm Johari The Great.
I learned to use my imagination to do great things! I'm inspired by my teacher and my family.
I'm in a great book!

I sure hope you enjoy it!


Kids love "Johari The Great!"
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Johari The Great
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Children's Author


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