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Jim, Amazon Customer

"Get your kid's imagination going like Johari! Great book about the power of a child's imagination. My daughter really enjoyed reading this if she's really into chapter books. Plus it was great practice at the end for school as the author added some great summary questions for parents to ask their children. I think it inspired my daughter to get the pencils out and put down the Kindle!"

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Amazon Customer

Johari The Great: "A boy, his imagination, and a freshly sharpened pencil!" by Naomi Dunsen-White is fabulous! I thoroughly enjoyed reading this and the illustrations are a wonderful addition to an already great story. We need more books like this that capture young people’s individuality & celebrate their unique qualities & gifts. Love the questions at the end...very cool book. Five stars!

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Joseph L. Dickerson, M.Ed.

"The storybook, "Johari The Great" by N. Dunsen-White, tackles the importance and impact of youth having and following their dreams. This is done through the main character of the book, Johari, as he interacts with his family and an in-school contest. The book is designed to promote discussion(s) in a family or educational setting regarding different themes and interactions that are introduced in the story. I recommend the book for an individual reader, a family discussion piece or as a tool for learning in the classroom. "

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S. Lite, Amazon Customer

Excellent book for our little one. He loves reading and this was a perfect book for him to read which inspired him more to channel his creativity and imagination. This book empowers and celebrates our little ones for everything that they are. A must read!!

Plus the illustrations are awesome.

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Lindsay DeRollo

"This is an excellent book for young readers. It is about a 5th grader named Johari who...loves writing and his favorite part is using his imagination. I like how this book also encourages readers to do the same. There is a great surprise ending, and you can see how close Johari is with his loving parents who are very proud of him. There is also a nice comprehensive questionnaire at the end which will further enhance readers' learning. Johari absolutely relates to the main character in his story: he sure is great!"

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Kindle Customer

Naomi did a wonderful job creating a world of Johari. She has an engaging story that inspires the gift of reading and writing!

Bonus is she has an African American boy

as the lead character (#representationmatters) who discovers the greatness he has within. This is a wonderful, inspiring story.

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Think Ahead Kids

"Johari The Great" is an early chapter book with full-color illustrations. It’s an engaging story about a clever boy who is inspired by his teacher to use his imagination to write. So, he does! A contest and a mystery follow, and there’s a fun plot twist too! With a little humor and some help from his family and friends, Johari discovers his gift and the greatness he has within! 

Most children’s books seek to encourage children to read. “Johari The Great” inspires them to write as well! This is an inspirational story that celebrates diversity, the love of learning, family and community, and promotes the author’s belief that all children have a gift within them, just waiting to be discovered. It’s up to us, the adults in their lives, to help them discover it.

With an emphasis on reading comprehension and vocabulary, the included worksheets enhance understanding and encourage family discussion.

“Johari The Great” has maintained a five-star rating (50+) on Amazon, been featured in Indie Reader online magazine and also nominated for the 2021 Detroit Writing Room Award for outstanding writing in the children’s book category.

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School Psychologist

“Johari The Great is a well-written Chapter Book. Step into the world of a young man named Johari, where positive influences surround him. From the beginning, his parents support him with encouraging words of success. He makes his way to Marshall Elementary School, where his teacher inspires him to do his best. The classroom is a buzz of excitement. There is something big that is happening, a writing contest with a prize at the end.

Children and adults will eagerly read Johari the Great to find out what his story is all about. The build-up and anticipation felt in this book will get readers to move smoothly through each page. When it comes time for Johari to share his work.  The readers will be able to feel his excitement as they listen to his descriptive detective story of mystery, a unique setting, and intriguing witnesses. Read Johari the Great to hear about his story and the magical surprise he may win.

Johari the Great is a positive book that will influence young children to reach for their own success. Eloquently written with words that move the reader easily from chapter to chapter. A great book everyone will enjoy from beginning, middle, to the end. I highly recommend this book to teachers and parents!” -School Psychologist

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Child age 10

“Johari The Great is a cute book about a little boy who writes a story. His story was based on a dream that he had. When he gets to school, he if feeling nervous and you can feel his anxiety about reading his story in front of his classmates. Everyone, even adults can relate to how he feels. As he read his story, he kept looking at the crowd to see how they were seeing his perspective. At the end, he found out that they enjoyed his story. 

This book can help kids get motivated to write or finish a story that they are writing. It also showed that he was nervous to share his story, but he did it and it turned out perfect. I liked how he was brave, he did what he needed to do, and accomplished it.” -Child age 10