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But First...A Word from My Publisher
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“Life without imagination is like chocolate chip cookies without the chocolate chips.” Now that wouldn’t do at all, would it? Johari knew that chocolate chips were the best part of chocolate chip cookies, just like his imagination was the best part of his life. Johari loved writing stories. In fact, he’d just finished writing one for the school’s short story competition. He had to read the story to everyone in the school auditorium. The story was an imaginative twist on Johari’s daily life, one that suggested a mystery surrounding a case of missing teachers on the first day of school. He called his story, Johari the Great. What he learned after the competition was over was that, to his parents, he would always be Johari the Great.


Naomi V. Dunsen-White’s early chapter book story, Johari the Great is a fun way for young readers to learn the true power of imagination. There is a storyteller in all of us; all we need is a little encouragement, like Johari had from his parents, his teachers, and his friends. I love the way the author creates the main story, then shares the story Johari has written, which is a parallel fantasy of Johari himself. It’s a story within a story, where Johari is the greatest in his story and in his life. What a great way to encourage young readers to believe in themselves and to always believe that each and every one of us is great in our own unique way. The language is simple enough to help young readers with their developing reading skills. The illustrations are bright, bold, colorful, and very expressive. Loved it!

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School Psychologist

“Johari The Great is a well-written Chapter Book. Step into the world of a young man named Johari, where positive influences surround him. From the beginning, his parents support him with encouraging words of success. He makes his way to Marshall Elementary School, where his teacher inspires him to do his best. The classroom is a buzz of excitement. There is something big that is happening, a writing contest with a prize at the end.

Children and adults will eagerly read Johari the Great to find out what his story is all about. The build-up and anticipation felt in this book will get readers to move smoothly through each page. When it comes time for Johari to share his work.  The readers will be able to feel his excitement as they listen to his descriptive detective story of mystery, a unique setting, and intriguing witnesses. Read Johari the Great to hear about his story and the magical surprise he may win.

Johari the Great is a positive book that will influence young children to reach for their own success. Eloquently written with words that move the reader easily from chapter to chapter. A great book everyone will enjoy from beginning, middle, to the end. I highly recommend this book to teachers and parents!” 

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Child Reviewer, age 10

“Johari The Great is a cute book about a little boy who writes a story. His story was based on a dream that he had. When he gets to school, he is feeling nervous and you can feel his anxiety about reading his story in front of his classmates. Everyone, even adults can relate to how he feels. As he read his story, he kept looking at the crowd to see how they were seeing his perspective. At the end, he found out that they enjoyed his story. 

This book can help kids get motivated to write or finish a story that they are writing. It also showed that he was nervous to share his story, but he did it and it turned out perfect. I liked how he was brave, he did what he needed to do, and accomplished it.” 

Asa's Review

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Deborah C. Mortimer

Imagination is Really a Superpower!!

Naomi-Dunsen White’s, “Johari the Great: A boy, his imagination and a freshly sharpened pencil” is a book that is bound to spark the imagination of all who read it. This early chapter book written for ages 7-12 is about a young boy named Johari. He’s excited about a special assembly in school where the participants in a story writing contest get to read their stories aloud in front of the school. He’s quite certain that his story is so phenomenal that it’s bound to win.

When he finally gets his turn, he tells the story of Johari the Great, a superhero detective. Johari’s quest to solve a huge mystery that’s captured his school and town has the whole assembly on the edge of their seats, as it will have the reader on edge as well. After, the mind bending plot twist and the uproar of the assembly, everyone (including the reader) learns that Johari really is a superhero, his imagination being his biggest superpower.

This book is so well written and engaging, that even as an adult, I found it to be a page turner. I especially loved the strong and loving bond of Johari’s family. His father’s affirmation to him everyday before he went off to school, to “make up your mind to learn something new and do something great”, is a motivational mantra that every child can embrace. And the support and cheers Johari received from his friends and classmates are such positive examples of friendship and comradery.

Most importantly, inspired by his teacher, Johari was able to discover the gift of storytelling, proving that really great teachers are superheroes in their own right.

This book is an excellent addition to any library. And with diverse characters, it’s a win!

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Shanita Allen

Perfect for Young Aspiring Authors!

I loved this book! I work with individuals with special needs and I purchased this book for one of my clients who wants to be a writer/author.

I ordered this book through the authors website, and I love the fact that she included some special extras, and a personal note.

When I gave the book to my client and had her read the book out loud to me, after the first 2 paragraphs, she said "He sounds like me!" She was so excited. She loves the book and matching coloring/activity book.

Highly recommended for all children and especially aspiring authors!



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Yvonne M.

Naomi did a wonderful job creating a world of Johari. She has an engaging story that inspires the gift of reading and writing!


Bonus is she has an African American boy as the lead character (#representationmatters) who discovers the greatness he has within. This is a wonderful, inspiring story.

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Nyilah Sulaimana

One of the BEST Children's Books!

Johari it’s such an endearing character, you get a real feel of his personality, his best friend Sinclair also has a personality of his own, this kept the story fun and interesting right along with a story line. Every single character in the story brings a unique light to the story, even Spankie the dog!

This story is filled with suspense and mystery, my son and I enjoyed every part of it. I love how the setting of the book is school, I think this book will really get children excited to write! The process of Johari moving from courage to confidence while telling his story on stage is also very sweet. You will have so much fun changing your voice for the different characters in this book.

The illustrations are absolutely beautiful! I love the diversity with the characters looks. I LOVE that this book has a work sheet at the end. This is a top quality, educational, adventurous, well written and engaging children’s book. I definitely recommend buying this!

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S.E., Teacher

Such an adorable book. I read this with my son today, and he enjoyed it a lot. I love how it takes place when kids had to use pencils, and not have to rely on technology when it comes to being in the school system. Even though it was an early chapter book just the story kept my six-year-old interested until I was done reading it! I loved how the main character is needing to expand their imagination, and writing is the solution. Using a pencil is the only solution for Johari to make it possible. The humor in the book is what caught my son's attention. It was well done, and I loved it! I am going to suggest this to other teachers.

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Joseph L. Dickerson, M.Ed.

"The storybook, "Johari The Great" by N. Dunsen-White, tackles the importance and impact of youth having and following their dreams. This is done through the main character of the book, Johari, as he interacts with his family and an in-school contest. The book is designed to promote discussion(s) in a family or educational setting regarding different themes and interactions that are introduced in the story. I recommend the book for an individual reader, a family discussion piece or as a tool for learning in the classroom. "

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Dennis A. Crumrin

Great Book!


I was especially impressed with this book. It is one of the better ones that I have read. It shows the imagination of little boys and I really believe that a little boy actually played out the story. I can just see an imaginative boy coming up with this story. I would definitely recommend this book and I hope there are more to come.

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Ta'Shay Mason

A Great Read about using your imagination to accomplish your goals!!!

“Johari The Great” is a wonderful children’s book about using your imagination to achieving your goals.

“…life without imagination was like chocolate chips cookies without the chocolate chips.”-Miss Gilchrist from “Johari The Great”. I love this quote because it is so true (and I love chocolate chip cookies). This story is about a little boy named Johari who uses his imagination to write a wonderful stories. Johari and other students in the school enter a story writing contest in which they read aloud in front of the school.

Has your child or even you were so focus on a project, competition, or just a task where there is so much excitement to share your work? Well Johari has the same excitement as he reads his story to the school. It is filled with mystery and a plot twist that has the assembly on the edge of the seats. After Johari finishes reading, he received great applause.

Did he win? Well you will have to get the book and read it yourself. 😁

This book is not only a delight to read but also a great way to teach children the wonders of writing through using your imagination. Johari’s story was very detailed and engaging. This book also shows the value of teachers and their great influence of encouraging their students and the value of parents encouraging their children to be their best selves.

Naomi V. Dunsen-White, does a phenomenal job writing this book. It is very engaging for children and adults. The illustrations are wonderful.


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Amazon Customer

Johari The Great: "A boy, his imagination, and a freshly sharpened pencil!" by Naomi Dunsen-White is fabulous! I thoroughly enjoyed reading this and the illustrations are a wonderful addition to an already great story. We need more books like this that capture young people’s individuality & celebrate their unique qualities & gifts. Love the questions at the end...very cool book. Five stars!

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Good Read

A fun story about a little boy who enters keep writing contest. He finds that he loves writing and the imagination that goes with it. You’ll enjoy the surprise ending.

Children's Author


"Queen of Editing" 

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