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AUTHOR VISITS - Schools and Groups

"The best thing about writing a children's book is being able to read it to the children!"- Naomi
I follow COVID protocol and wear a mask. Virtual visits are also available, if preferred.

"Read Alouds," Book Signings & Author Chats

"Read Alouds," Book Signings & Author Chats

"Read Alouds," Book Signings & Author Chats

Besides the memories of reading to my own children, few things give me more joy than reading my books to others. Everyone enjoys a read aloud! I've learned that it's not just young children who enjoy being read to, but older kids and grownups enjoy it too! That's awesome!

My education and work experience includes many years of learning how to best serve children and their families. Sharing my joy of reading and learning with children is what makes me happy! Being a children's author, who focuses on vocabulary, reading comprehension, social-emotional learning, diversity and inclusion, helps me fulfill my passion for educating and inspiring young people.

I would LOVE to accept your invitation to visit your school, literacy organization, community organization, church, or other organization focused on serving the needs of children.


Coloring pages, activities and lesson plans too!

I come prepared! I want my visit to be an enjoyable time for the students and their teachers/group leaders. After reading the story, I'll have an activity to share and coloring pages for students to enjoy. Worksheets, spelling/vocabulary lists and lesson plans are available to assist you in easily incorporating the books into your learning goals. If your schedule permits, I also allow time for an author chat and Question & Answer period.  

Author Visits (Adult Groups) & Speaking Engagements

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Pre-reading - Early Preparation for Reading

Reading as a Way of Life

The Road to Excellence in Reading


I am available to speak to adult groups about the importance of pre-reading and early literacy preparation, which educators and experts agree, begins at home. My book, "Is Your Child an Excellent Reader? Unleashing Your Child's Genius Potential" provides an excellent point of discussion regarding how critical it is for children to be prepared for learning and reading by meeting certain pre-reading milestones before entering school.

This book is an excellent tool for parents and caregivers, as it provides helpful information, practical tips and resources to assist them in guiding their children into reading excellence. We know that by doing so, it opens the doors of opportunity for excellence in so many other areas as well.  

In addition, I feel that parents and caregivers are best served and prepared to guide their children into reading excellence when they are reminded that:

  • It is Never Too Early - Make Pre-Reading a Priority

  • Independent Readers Still Need Guidance

  • Learning to Read vs. Reading to Learn - a Crucial Period

  • It is Never Too Late - Reaching Reluctant Readers

Diversity in the Children's Literature Industry:

Presenting research and supportive information from the widely-respected Children's Cooperative Book Center (CCBC) and other groups committed to diversity and equity in literacy, I will lead an informative and eye-opening discussion with your group or organization about the wide diversity gap that exists in the children's literature industry. 

Experts agree that the lack of representation of Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) in children's books may have a harmful emotional impact and negative implications for children of Color. Yet, the percentage of books that are published each year continue to reflect a gap in diversity that is far too wide. Although strides are being made by BIPOC authors in the last few years, the numbers are troubling, as it pertains to both authors and characters of Color. Every child deserves to see characters who look like them in the books they read. It helps them so see themselves as valued and included in the world around them.

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