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About The Author

Equity & Inclusion Team
Michigan Chapter
Naomi V. Dunsen-White

Naomi is a children's book author who loves to inspire and uplift children. She uses her experience as an educator, foster care specialist, and mom to write educational children’s books that focus on diversity, self-discovery, and purpose. Naomi believes all children have a gift within... just waiting to be discovered. It's up to us, the adults in their lives, to help them discover it. The joy of reading is the first step toward discovery! 




"It shocked me to learn about the depth of the diversity gap in children’s books and the social and emotional

impact it can have on children of Color.  When I understood that, I moved forward with passion.

That became my platform. I knew I would make a difference." -Naomi


Naomi has a passion for closing the diversity gap in the children’s literature industry and believes all children deserve to have books with characters who look like them. When children don't see themselves, they may struggle with understanding their own worth and place in the world portrayed in their books. ALL children need to see each other in order to learn to respect and appreciate people from all cultures and backgrounds. This helps them understand that they ALL belong. They ALL matter.

"The wonders of books are for ALL children, not just some children."  -Naomi

Naomi uses her social media platform to share diversity statistics. As of 2022, characters of Color in children's books released by major U.S. publishers continue to lag behind by a considerable margin. Independent BIPOC authors, like Naomi, continue to make strides, but overall progress is slow. However, they are determined to make a difference!


 for DIVERSITY STATISTICS - 2018-present - Children's Books

*Data on books by and about Black, Indigenous, People of Color published for children and teens compiled by the

Cooperative Children's Book Center, School of Education, University of Wisconsin-Madison. 


Naomi is also an editor who takes great pride and pleasure in assisting other authors in bringing their messages to the world. With each book, her clients become friends and fellow authors on the journey to making a difference in the lives of others. Whether it is a fiction novel, nonfiction, memoir or children's book, Naomi values each person's story as the fulfillment of a dream. She loves being of service to writers, working with them to uplift and transform their manuscripts into published books of which they can be proud.

"I have been blessed to assist many independent authors by refining their manuscripts, teaching writing development, coaching them through the self-publishing process, and helping promote their books.

We are stronger together, and our impact is being felt and noticed. I am helping authors to be more excellent,

more professional, and more marketable. That is how we are making a difference." 

 Naomi V. Dunsen-White, Queen of Editing


About The Editor

Meet My Illustrator
Megan D. Rizzo, Illustrator

Megan D. Rizzo is an extremely talented illustrator. She brought the story of "Johari The Great" to life with her beautiful, colorful hand-drawn illustrations! I can still remember the joy and excitement I felt when I saw her first sketches of my characters. I am thrilled that Megan has also illustrated my second book, "Why Am I Here? A Child's Book About Purpose." This book is truly a work of art, with beautiful two-page illustrations. Look for it on the menu above. 

For years, Megan was also an Art Therapist. She helped others heal and overcome challenges by using her gifts and talents in art. To see more of Megan's outstanding artwork, along with Daisy, her beautiful muse, click her photo to visit her website.

Children's Author


"Queen of Editing" 

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