About The Author

Naomi V. Dunsen-White

Naomi has always been a book lover. She has also enjoyed creative writing since she was a young girl. Naomi is a former Educator and Foster Care Specialist who has always enjoyed working with children. She currently tutors children, helping them improve their reading and writing skills, which are the gateway to success in other subjects as well. She believes that reading comprehension is a critical skill for both children and adults. Literacy and diversity are her passions! Naomi strives to spread awareness about the wide diversity gap in children's literature. "Books are gifts for ALL children, not just some children," she says. "Children need to see themselves in books," Naomi adds. "Perhaps if they do, they will reach for books more often."

As an African American woman, it's important to Naomi that People of Color are featured and positively represented in her books. Motivating her to self-publish her debut book, “Johari The Great,” were the grim statistics published by the Cooperative Children's Book Collective (CCBC) which conducts research and provides yearly statistics on diversity in children's books in the United States and throughout the world. In 2019, over 3700 children’s books were published in America. White main characters represented 42%. Animal main characters represented 29%, while Black or African American main characters represented only 12%. Latino, Indigenous, Asian and Arab characters were represented by percentages in the single digits. “Children shouldn't have to search so hard to find a book with a main character who looks like them! Diversity will always be a priority in any book I write,” says Naomi. She plans to establish a nonprofit organization that focuses on diversity and literacy, and providing free books and educational support to children in underserved communities.

Naomi believes all children have a gift within them, just waiting to be discovered. She hopes that her books will lead to grand discoveries! 

Meet My Illustrator

Megan D. White, Illustrator

Megan D. White is a very talented illustrator. She brought the story of "Johari The Great" to life with her beautiful, colorful hand-drawn illustrations! I can still remember the joy and excitement I felt when I saw her first sketches of my characters. I am thrilled that Megan has also illustrated my new book, "Why Am I Here? A Child's Book About Purpose." I can't wait to share it with you! This book is truly a work of art, with beautiful two-page illustrations. Look for it on the menu above. Order in time for holiday giving!

For years Megan was also an Art Therapist, who helped others heal and overcome challenges by using her gifts and talents in art. To see more of Megan's outstanding artwork, along with Daisy, her beautiful muse, click her photo to visit her website.