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We Donate 
Books to Children

Hello Friends,

I want to provide as many books as I can to children in underserved communities who need educational support. Because of the focus on reading comprehension and vocabulary, my books, "Johari The Great" and "Why Am I Here? A Child's Book About Purpose" are enjoyable to read, but they are also effective teaching tools for readers.

I always include a gift label in each book so every child knows that a real person out there is thinking of them and cares enough to bless them with the gift of a new book.


We have a nonprofit sister company now!



Now we can GIVE even more! Won't you join us?

CLICK above to visit the website.

So far, over 875 children were blessed with new books!  


"Why Am I Here? A Child's Book About Purpose" is a multi-award winning book and was written to inspire children about their future. My mission was to provide this book with it's powerful message about hope and PURPOSE to inner-city children. Many caring and generous friends joined me and purchased books for children they love and/or donated books to children in need. Wow! I am SO grateful!  

  • With the help of generous friends, we were able to give 200 BOOKS (Why Am I Here? A Child's Book About Purpose) to children in Flint at a special event held in April, 2022! 

  • I was extremely blessed to partner with SYLVESTER BROOME EMPOWERMENT VILLAGE in Flint, Michigan! What an amazing opportunity! They do SO MUCH for children and families in the community!

  • Find out more about the incredible way they are fulfilling the dreams and changing the lives of Flint's children and their families by clicking here: 

YOU can help children reach their reading goals.

Please DONATE a book today! Thank you!




I was overjoyed to complete my first Book Drive Fundraiser in Spring, 2021, which benefitted students of CENTER FOR SUCCESS. They provide literacy support services to children in need throughout Michigan. Generous friends of children purchased 265 books and coloring books, and we donated them to the students. Guess what? We did it again!

This year, the awesome people at CENTER FOR SUCCESS joined me again to coordinate the distribution of books and arrange Author Visits to students at literacy centers in Detroit and Pontiac! 150 students each received a copy of Why Am I Here? A Child's Book About Purpose.

I've been enjoying the Author Visits and Read Aloud events! It has been so wonderful to bless our children with books that bring education and hope!  Take a look at the pictures below! Learn more about the important work they do to help students meet their literacy goals. Click here:

Children's Author


"Queen of Editing" 

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