Donate a Book to a Child

Hello Friends,

I want to provide as many books as I can to children in underserved communities who need educational support. Because of the focus on reading comprehension and vocabulary, "Johari The Great" and "Why Am I Here? A Child's Book About Purpose" make enjoyable and effective teaching tools for readers.

I was overjoyed to complete my first Book Drive Fundraiser last Spring, which benefitted students of Centers for Success in Pontiac, Michigan. They provide literacy support services to children in need throughout Michigan. Generous donors purchased 265 books and coloring books, and we donated them to the students.


My recent Kickstarter campaign for "Why Am I Here? A Child's Book About Purpose" was very successful! My mission was to provide this book with it's powerful message about hope and PURPOSE to inner-city children and children whose parent is incarcerated. Those who backed my campaign preordered books for children they love and/or donated books to children in need. Wow!

I am SO grateful!  500 students will be blessed with new books!  


We are now in the production process and I just cannot wait to get these books to the children! Isn't that exciting?


  • The awesome people at CENTER FOR SUCCESS are working with me again to coordinate the distribution of books and Author Visits to students at schools and literacy centers in Detroit and Pontiac!  Learn more about the important work they do to help students meet their literacy goals by clicking here:

  • I am extremely blessed to partner with The SYLVESTER BROOME EMPOWERMENT VILLAGE in Flint! What an amazing opportunity! I am excited to visit the children, read to them and bless them with the gift of books. Find out more about the incredible way they are changing the lives of Flint's children and their families by clicking here:


There's always time to donate! Won't you consider giving a book today? I've already reduced the price of both books to make your giving even easier! I always include a gift label in each book so that every child knows that a real person out there is thinking of them and cares enough to bless them with the gift of a new book. It would be such a beautiful gift for the upcoming holidays!

I would like to continue these efforts to assist various literacy organizations, schools, community programs, and other educational support programs in communities that need help. I am establishing a nonprofit organization that will promote literacy and diversity, focusing on communities of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC). We will assist BIPOC authors and illustrators with publishing, and distributing educational and inspiring children's books with BIPOC characters. Then, we will donate those books to children and students in underserved and underprivileged communities. Literacy is everything! Diversity matters! Equity in literacy is a must!

Please stay tuned! I will keep you updated on our progress with the nonprofit organization. We've only just begun.


The RECH Foundation - A Recent Charity Partner

Providing books to children of incarcerated parents

Story Time

I joined forces with a non-profit organization, RECH Foundation (Reaching and Educating for Community Hope), to donate books to children of incarcerated parents.
RECH helps individuals and families whose lives are impacted by crime and incarceration. Their vision is to create a thriving, sustainable community that is inclusive of those affected by crime and incarceration. Their slogan, “Help in the House,” describes efforts toward ensuring that every child with an incarcerated parent has a book available to them at all times, including school time, leisure/play time and vacation time. Books are a sustainable and thriving force in every child’s home; books are their “Help in the House.”

Through my recent Kickstarter campaign, generous donors have made it possible to donate books to these children to brighten their day! This book will inspire them as well!  This is proof that together, we can impact the community and bring about change. Our children not only deserve to see themselves in books, but to have one of their own to treasure. THANK YOU to everyone who donated to these children! What a blessing!

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