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From the Editor...

I take a personal approach to the editing process because I value you, your voice and your story. There's more to editing than markups and corrections by email. I’ll meet with you, and we will review and discuss our progress together.


As an editor and author, I understand… it is your heart on those pages. It is your story.

Having your document edited means you’ve taken steps to ensure your written work will be the best it can be. Therefore, it’s important to invest in professional and reputable editing services. 


I want you to be confident when you celebrate the release your work. You can relax knowing that every effort has been made to ensure your work is professional, polished, and purposeful.



We POLISH and PREPARE your manuscript

for PUBLISHING, so you can PROSPER from sharing your story!


The Editing Process

Manuscript Analysis/Summary

  • Manuscript Evaluation - An analysis/summary of the Manuscript, which includes grammar, spelling, style, sentence variety, passive voice, readability/grade level, engagement, dialog tags, and more.

    • Before and after editing analysis/summary is presented during the first and last review sessions. 


Two Rounds of Editing plus Proofreading

  • Developmental Editing - Editor works with the author to develop/organize the story, clarify language, elevate message, improve movement and flow, strengthen dialogue, and amplify the author’s voice.

  • Line/Editing of Developed Manuscript - Editor focuses on flow, clarity, word usage, grammar, spelling and sentence structure, strengthening dialogue, and highlighting the author's voice. (Editor’s second edit).

  • Proofreading Edited Manuscript  - Proofreader reviews, double-checks, corrects, and enhances the presentation of the final manuscript. 


Edit Review Sessions

  • Edit Review Sessions with Author

    • Initial Review (60-minute Zoom meeting). 

    • Midway Review (60-minute Zoom meeting). 

    • Completion (60-minute Zoom meeting). 


Final Review

  • Editor and Proofreader review the final manuscript together to ensure accuracy. 

Children's Author


"Queen of Editing" 

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