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Author and Writer Services

Fiction and Non-fiction - Most genres welcome!
We love children's books!

You have a story.

I help you tell it.

"The author's voice must always be the loudest in the room."

Professional   *   Polished   *   Purposeful


Developmental editing PLUS private Writer Work Sessions. As your Word Coach and Editor, I help you  improve your writing, clarify your message and transform your story into a polished and professional book manuscript that makes you proud.  Editor involvement, guidance, and help from draft to finished manuscript.


Editing with thorough, in-depth review of your entire manuscript, including moderate to heavy rewriting as needed.  Let's look at the BIG picture and dig in!  The focus is on shaping your story (movement, pacing and flow), amplifying your message and your voice, defining plot and characters, and uplifting and refining dialogue.  We'll discover what's working, what's not, and what's needed.  Then we work together to put everything in its proper place, making your story come alive.


Line-by-line review, including only light to moderate rewriting. The focus is on "creative content." We strengthen language, sentence structure, dialogue and dialogue tags, style, clarity, smooth out transitions, and create a good flow. Word choice and usage is key in highlighting the power of the author's voice in telling the story.


Fine tuning your manuscript (the "copy").  We focus on "mechanical content," including punctuation, usage, grammar and spelling, factual correctness, consistency, ensuring that the language supports the author’s intent, ultimately creating the most readable version of your story.


The last step in the process!  We carefully examine the edited manuscript, correcting typographical and formatting issues (table of contents, fonts, page numbering, headings, spacing, etc.). Proofreader double checks punctuation, usage, grammar, spelling and points out anything that might interfere with the readers' enjoyment of your story. The final manuscript represents what the finished pages of your book will look like.


Consulting Services


Do you want to be an Amazon Best-Selling Author?  I've done it three times! I can show you how to get your book on that coveted list! You can do this!

Editor and Author

Fulfilling your dream of becoming an author?  Maybe you need help with some steps along the way - copyright, ISBN, marketing, live events, selling, social media presence, etc. There is a lot to this author business!  Whew! I can help.


Looking for a way to finance your book project? This popular crowdfunding platform is perfect for authors. I can show you how to run a successful campaign, build a following, and bring your dream project to life. I did it and you can too!


Working on improving your writing? Whether an emerging author or a published author, strengthening your skills is always a must.  Whether it's Imagery, figurative language, dialogue, tricky prose or strengthening your "voice," I can help. Let's grab our pens and get to work.

Children's Author


"Queen of Editing" 

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