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Speaking Engagements
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Discussions, Presentations,
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Who Wants to Be an Author?

Are You Ready to Write Your Book?

Everyone has a story. 

Let's have a discussion about the steps it takes

to share yours with the world.

Whether you are an experienced writer or you've never written a paragraph before - it doesn't matter. If it's in your heart, it deserves to be in a book. It's not as difficult as you may think.

The self-publishing industry is booming! Since the 2020 Pandemic, the market has grown exponentially. Whether it's a memoir, inspirational, self-help, children's book or an imaginative novel, I can show you how to make your author dreams a reality.

We need diverse authors and books! Do you simply want to fulfill a personal dream or begin a speaking career from your inspiring message? It's time to share your story! Fulfill your purpose, publish your book, and provide a cherished legacy for your family. 

I am available to speak to your group or host a writer's workshop to help start the next group of storytellers on their journey to becoming self-published authors!

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Diversity in the Children's Literature Industry

Presenting research and supportive information from the widely respected Children's Cooperative Book Center (CCBC) and other groups committed to diversity and equity in literacy, I will lead an informative and eye-opening discussion with your group or organization about the wide diversity gap that still exists in the children's literature industry. 

Experts agree that the lack of representation of Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) characters in children's books may have a harmful emotional impact and negative implications for children of Color. Yet, the percentage of books that are published each year continue to reflect a gap in diversity that is far too wide. What can be done? Let's talk about it.


Although strides are being made by BIPOC authors in the last few years, the numbers are troubling, as it pertains to both authors and characters of Color. Every child deserves to see characters who look like them in the books they read. It helps them see themselves as valued and included in the world around them. We CAN make a difference for our children.

Children's Author


"Queen of Editing" 

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