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Hardcover Book - IN SPANISH  


"¿Por Qué Estoy Aquí?Un Libro Para Niños Sobre el Propósito"


Un libro hermoso e inspirador que enseña a los niños sobre el propósito y a explorar el camino único y el lugar que cada uno tiene en este mundo.


The Spanish version of the beautifully illustrated book that teaches children about purpose and exploring the unique path and place they each have in this world. The story follows two children of Color who wonder about their place in life and where the future will lead them. Answers to the question, ¿Por Qué Estoy Aquí? (Why Am I Here?) go from whimsical to meaningful, as they are guided into fun possibilities and positive affirmations. Diversity, unity and inclusion are celebrated! Every child needs to know that they each have a unique purpose and a future that is bright!


This story is enjoyable, hopeful and uplifting. The stunning hand-drawn illustrations by illustrator, Megan D. Rizzo, truly bring the story to life!

¿Por Qué Estoy Aquí? Un Libro Para Niños Sobre el Propósito

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    Children's Author


    "Queen of Editing" 

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