BOOK BUNDLE DEAL!!! Perfect for Gift Gifting! This deal includes BOTH items: Johari the Great (softcover) and Johari The Great Coloring Book.


"A boy, his imagination, and a freshly sharpened pencil!" Johari The Great is an early chapter book with beautiful, full-color illustrations. It’s an engaging story about a boy whose teacher inspires him to use his imagination to write. So he does! A contest and a mystery follow, and there’s a fun plot twist too! With a little humor and some help from his family and friends, Johari discovers his gift and the greatness he has within.


Johari The Great is an inspirational story celebrating diversity, learning, family, and the greatness that all children have inside, just waiting to be discovered. With an emphasis on reading comprehension and vocabulary, the fun worksheets enhance understanding and promote family discussion.


The Coloring book is perfect for enjoyment and learning. Fill-in-the-blank activities from the story help readers to remember the adventure! Enjoy some quiet time and let your creativity flow. Use crayons or colored pencils to make your own creations! Have fun!

Johari The Great - BUNDLE: Book (softcover) and Coloring Book

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