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"The author's voice must always be the loudest in the room."

You have a story.

I help you tell it.

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Developmental editing PLUS one-on-one Writer Work Sessions. As your Word Coach and Editor, I help you develop your writing, clarify your story and transform your story into a polished and professional book manuscript you will be proud of.


Line editing PLUS thorough, in-depth review of entire manuscript. Includes consult  and  moderate to heavy rewriting. All elements of writing examined: individual words, sentences, overall structure and style (target audience, reading level, plot, characterization and flow). Editor involvement, guidance and development from draft to finished manuscript.


Line by line analysis, taking copy editing to the next level.  Includes light to moderate rewriting ONLY. Improving sentence structure and dialogue, smoothing out transitions and flow. Maintaining the author's voice is key.


Fine tuning the manuscript.  Includes punctuation, usage, grammar and spelling.  Eliminating errors and inconsistencies, ensuring that the language supports the writer’s intent and also creating the most readable version of their story.


The last step in the process!  Careful examination of the manuscript. Correcting typographical and formatting issues (fonts, page numbering, spacing, etc.). Double checking errors (punctuation, usage, grammar and spelling). Presenting what the finished pages of your book will look like.

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Shauna Marie Williams

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Rev. Regina C. Hall, MA, LPC

When Naomi and I began working on my book, "Mommy I Need You!", it was in a state of disarray.  I sought her professionalism to assist me in constructing my sentences and organizing my thoughts.  Nai and I spent countless hours grueling over word choices and sentence structure.  I thought the process would never end, but Naomi by my side helped me to push forward.  Her expertise, dedication and commitment brought my story to life.  I could not have done it without her.

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Barbara Hall

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Nonku Kunene Adumetey

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